Starting a Business? Some Things May Not Be So Obvious

Recently, I have had a rush of new clients come along that need help getting their business started. But what exactly do they need? And what’s the difference between what they know they need and what I know they need?

Regardless of the industry, everyone needs a logo and a web site — and they know it. But there are so many other components to consider if your goal is to strategically build a successful and strong business. A combination of print and digital tools (designers call them “assets”) are the key to getting your name and message at the forefront of your customer’s mind. But which ones? And which should come first? It can be overwhelming, especially to a new business owner. That’s where I come in.

A former DEA agent is starting a business working with lawyers to investigate funds that may have been illegally seized. His research showed that this niche is very unique, so he could be the go-to-person with this expertise. He came to me because he knew he needed a website but wasn’t sure what else.  In our initial consultation, I asked how was he going to get his name out? Networking, sure – so he needs a business card, but what else?  Since his ideal prospect are lawyers, how would he best market to them? Would he be going door to door to introduce himself? What would he be bring with him, besides his business card, to remind the prospect of his visit? Possibly a “leave behind” describing his list of services? How would he follow-up to say thank you for taking the time to discuss opportunities? Maybe a simple handwritten note or even a clever direct mail piece that the prospect might keep or actually be able to use.

Beyond in-person networking, how would his website get in front of his optimal audience? I mentioned “Google my business,” search and analytics to track any views, but while creating the website, it would be important to work with a writer that would be fluent in SEO to help curate the content to specifically attract the right viewers to his site. Also, I wondered, wouldn’t people he met networking also want to find him on social media? Had he thought about that? Would his prospects be on social media? And if so, which platforms? Would he have the time to consistently post and engage with prospects via that medium?

So as you see, there are the obvious and the not-so-obvious items that are to be considered and can be customized depending on your branding direction and your potential prospects. Following I have put together a list of obvious and maybe not-so-obvious items that you might consider when you or someone you know, is starting a business.

Obvious Maybe Not-so-Obvious
Logo Brand Identity Standards
Business Card Full Stationary System, Print and Digital
Tri-Fold or One Sheet Full Marketing Kit
Website Blogging, SEO, SEM, Google My Business, Analytics, and Search
Social Media Pages Social Media Strategic Plan that includes Blogging and Email Marketing
Thank You Notes Direct Mail Campaign
PowerPoint Template A Fully Designed PowerPoint Presentation Combined with a type of Content Give Away if Sign-up for Updates

And there are so many more…So as you can see, there is a lot to consider and each of these items, may or may not be needed. For example, if you know your ideal prospect isn’t on social media, maybe a social media plan isn’t for you but a direct mail campaign just may be.

If you know your audience, figure out the best way for you and your brand to get in front of them. If you suspect that you need anything on the list, I would love to help. I have the experience to be able to take hold of all these things and make it seamless for you. Drop me a line today!