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Neutron Therapeutics

Reinvention of a Company. An Introduction into a New Industry.

Neutron Therapeutics is a medical equipment company working to bring Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT) out of the realm of medical research, and transform it into a widely available, first-line cancer therapy.

The challenge for Neutron Therapeutics was that they needed to reinvent their brand for a new market. Being producers of crystal cleaving equipment for the global, solar, LED and electronics industries, members of the Neutron Therapeutics team began to pursue the application of BNCT while at GT Advanced Technologies. As their efforts grew, they recognized that they needed a new brand to reflect an established modern medical technology company that was approachable, professional, competitive, and accepted by the international medical community.

Along with a solid identity, Neutron Therapeutics needed a website to highlight the innovative technology, acknowledge the collaborative partnerships as well as attract possible investors. In addition, they needed tradeshow and marketing materials to support their outreach efforts at international industry events.

Establishing an Unique Identity

I started by having in-person meetings, to learn more about Neutron Therapeutics as a company. Discussions included discovery of  the audience, who else might be working in this sector and ultimately, what the goals were for their brand and messaging. From each member of management, I gathered different viewpoints of how each saw the brand developing with their unique input. Through a creative brief, I synthesized the findings to set forth the guidelines for what was to be achieved with the brand.

With the creative brief agreed upon, I set forth to sketch and design. I presented various sketch directions. At first, two logo directions were the lead contenders. A block typographic treatment of “NT” and a DNA strand direction. The team gravitated towards a sort of DNA treatment coupled with lower case typography. Further refinement of the strand and type explorations were developed. I finalized their selection and moved on to investigations of color combinations, formations and usage.

Creating Additional Assets to Support Marketing Initiatives

Since Neutron Therapeutics was heading into a sector of the medical industry that was mostly centered on research and exclusively practiced in Finland and Japan, it was vital that they were present in a variety of international conferences. For their first event, Engineers designed an interactive booth that included a reduced sized replica of the Neutron Generating Target (see large banner example below). I created the educational signage that described how the technology works and how the suite functionality would be set up. Along with the tradeshow items, I created a stationary system, adverts and a leave behind brochure.

Neutron Therapeutics Stationary Set.

Neutron Therapeutics Brochure.

Neutron Therapeutics Retractible Banner.

Neutron Therapeutics Booth Banner.

Neutron Therapeutics Advert.

In addition to the brand logo. I also created a product logo to brand the in-hospital suite and accelerator device. nuBeam was designed to complement the brand yet be able to stand on its own.

Establishing a Professional Website

The website was the next item to be developed. Neutron Therapeutics wanted the message to be delivered in a clean, clear, and concise way while keeping the overall look professional and unique. Their target audience is primarily hospitals, research universities, government agencies, and investors, but because the technology leads to an alternative solution to current cancer therapies, it was important that the site reflects a human element within the message and imagery.

In the development of the website, I presented the site structure, wireframes, and mood boards. The moodboards (see below), displayed the color palettes, photography directions, patterns, graph types and web-based typography. Each moodboard spoke to a different message. Version one was the “World-class BNCT Technology” focusing on reasearch and development. Version two was geared towards the team’s expertise “We have the Technology and People to be Successful” blending technology with the human element mixing the images of patients/families and the medical team. Version three was directed towards “Advanced Curative Care” focusing on the technology in use with a medical/scientific focus. Out of the three concepts, the final direction was the melding of innovative technology with the human element.

Neutron Therapeutics Mood Boards.

In the development of the website, I partnered with a writer to help with editing of content as well as to create messaging for the hero banners and subheads throughout the site. I partnered with a great portrait photographer to produce all the US-based team portraits. I also partnered with a talented CAD illustrator to create the diagrams of the nuBeam suite and the accelorator. Since the site was WordPress based, I handled all the front end development of the website.

Neutron Therapeutics Home Page.

Neutron Therapeutics Technology Page.

Neutron Therapeutics About BNCT Page.

Overall, it was a gratifying and successful project. Neutron Therapeutics was very happy with the process and the overall outcome. Currently, a nuBeam suite is under-construction in partnership Helsinki University Hospital (HUH) in Finland. This will be Europe’s first BNCT platform and is on track for first cancer patient treatments in 2019. Neutron Therapeutics has also agreed with Tokushukai Medical Group (TMG) to install a nuBeam system for Boron-Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT) at Shonan Kamakura General Hospital (SKGH) in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.

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Client Praise

Noah Smick

Jillfrances has been a great asset to our company. She is organized and completes her projects on time, despite often aggressive schedules. She has contributed extensively to the creative direction of our logo, website and promotional materials, providing several design concepts for each project and reviewing with management to implement feedback and chose the final design. She conducts herself in a professional manner and is a pleasure to work with. I strongly recommend Jillfrances for a new business looking to establish its brand.

Noah Smick, Ph.D., Chief Operating Officer Neutron Therapeutics, Inc.

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