case study:

Crisis Solutionist, Inc.

A new consulting business needed branding that was unique and professional to compete in the investigative, security, and training field.

I was approached by start-up owner, Larry of Crisis Solutionist. Larry had a great business plan but was looking for a firm to partner with to help implement his plan as well as to adapt to his needs as his company grew. Since Larry had no formal experience working with a designer, I took him through the process with confidence and ease. I was tasked to help him establish his brand and create the marketing items he would need to get his company off the ground.

Step 1: Establishing an Unique Identity

We started by looking at his plan and discussing what would be the priority. He had a friend do his original logo. Although the idea that he envisioned was there, it wasn’t exactly right. The original magnifying glass mark was larger than the typography and surrounded by a large red ring. Colors in the mark were overlays which would cause problems in a black and white execution. The size of “crisis” overpowered the size of “solutionist,” which de-emphasized the intent of providing a solution to a crisis.

I worked with the mark so that it read as a stylized magnifying glass. I then integrated the mark within the typography so the balance would be a bit more even. I adjusted the size of “crisis” and “solutionist”, so it read as a whole unit. These changes made it possible for the mark to work in all media and formats. I selected a color combination that was strong and complimentary. With the identity complete, I then created the brand elements that would support his outreach needs. We created a stationary set, powerpoint template and thank you card mailer to start off. Recently, we completed materials for events such as a 6ft banner and a bi-fold brochure.

Crisis Solutionist Stationary Set and Thank You Card.

Crisis Solutionist Bifold Brochure.

Crisis Solutionist 6ft Banner.

Step 2: Establishing a Professional Website

For the website, Larry wanted the message to be delivered in a clean, clear and concise way while keeping the overall look professional and unique, separating Crisis Solutionist from the typical investigation services. Since his target audience is accounting and law firms, financial institutions, hospitals, government agencies, and private individuals, it was important that the site looked established and spoke to providing solutions to the pain points that the audience was looking to solve.

Three possible design directions were presented in the form of mood boards. The mood boards not only portrayed image, typography, and color directions, they also provided options surrounding the layout for how the multitude of services may be displayed, not only as an introduction on the homepage, but on the services page as well.

Crisis Solutionist Mood Boards.

Out of the three directions, version three was selected. The focus is a combination of technology and the human element while highlighting the core of the areas of business. I worked in wordpress for the site development as well as with the writer, to shape the content, hero banner message and calls to action. To handle the vast variety of services offered, I designed the services page as a directory to lead to each separate page.

Working collaboratively through the process of design and content development, the final site has a fresh look that’s effective and eye-catching. The site was designed to be adaptable as well as responsive for mobile viewing. The site will grow as his company grows and will not lose its integrity. Larry was thrilled.

Crisis Solutionist Home Page

Crisis Solutionist Services Page Directory

Client Praise

Larry Smith Crisis Solutionist

I interviewed five companies to develop and handle all of my marketing materials, website development and to establish my brand. Whoever ended up getting the bid was going to have their hands full, as I didn’t have the experience or a basic understanding, for that matter, about any of the service’s I ended up contracting Jillfrances to handle. I couldn’t be happier with Jillfrances’ performance. She was professional, hit every deadline, is incredibly talented and was receptive to my vision of what I am trying to develop. When I think of Jillfrances, a Steve Jobs quote keeps coming to mind “It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do: we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.” Jillfrances is the epitome of that quote. If you give Jillfrances an opportunity, I am sure your experience will be as positive as mine was. You can’t go wrong.

Larry Smith, Founder / Director of Investigations Crisis Solutionist, Inc.

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